What are my favorite video tool​s?

Canon 70d
This is the camera I film MOST
of my YouTube videos with.

Wireless Lavalier Mic
Great sound on the move

Ring Light
Great starting light for all types of video

24 mm lens
How I get that pretty
blurry background

Lavalier Mic
Great sound, plugged in

Budget Lights
Softbox lights


For MacBook's with USB-C ports instead of standard USB

Canon G7x Mark ii
Vlogging camera. Easier to carry around or cheaper starting YouTube camera. SUCH good quality.

Cheap top-of-camera microphone

 Podcasting/Live Mic
I use this mic for the podcast AND during my livestreams that I broadcast from my desktop

iPhone/webcam light
This is a great ring light for your phone and/or webcam.

External Mic
Easy-to-use external mic for any camera.

Gorilla Pod
Easy to move and use tripod for
vlogging camera and iPhone

Higher end top-of-camera microphone

This makes ALL the difference and is inexpensive

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