want to create and sell an online course?
Then you NEED these planning and process templates!
Creating a course is NO JOKE; it takes planning and prepping and you don't even know where to start, am I right?!
But you know you have a course in you and you know that you could make money selling it...
Did you know that WHILE you're creating the course you
should ALSO be prepping for the launch?
The to-do list is JUST SO LONG!
Crash Course Toolkit
Get started building your course today with
checklists and processes to make sure you're doing it right!
Total Value = ($397)
Today's price = $27
You know you want to create a course but...
ALL of the steps seem overwhelming and, you've never created a course before...how do you know you're doing it, right?!?
and the time it's gonna take to plan it all out...who's got that?
My first course took me MONTHS to plan out and execute...months. You don't have months!
the thought of creating a course sounds great but it feels like too much work
I've created over 20 courses now and, yeah, it's definitely a lot of work!
After creating 20+ courses over the last several years I've figured out a process to planning it,
creating it and selling it that's streamlined and makes course creation feel easy.
In 2015 I created my first course...and it was crickets. 
I literally spent MONTHS and MONTHS of my life creating this course and then when I launched it NOBODY bought it..."courses just aren't for me" is what I thought.
NOBODY teaches you how to plan out and go through the process of creating a course so who knows if I was doing it right or not.
So I went back to the drawing board, creating ANOTHER course and, just 4 months after that launch where I sold NOTHING, I had my first $5,000 launch and those courses and launches I've been creating and doing ever since have continued to grow and grow.

Once, a few years ago, I was even creating a course EACH MONTH. Whew, I had to streamline the process if I was gonna do that!
wasted time...

wasted money...

You'll be getting...
a plan
NO NEED to go into course creation blindly, especially when you can have someone who's created a TON of courses give you theirs.
piece of mind
There's NOTHING like having piece of mind about an unknown thing you're about to jump into and I can promise that these processes WORK and are tested and proven, so - piece of mind.
checklists & processes
Ain't nobody else out here flinging processes and checklists to help you create your course...but I am because it's MAGICAL.
Ok, ok, relax those shoulders and let out a big sigh of relief because you're not going to be confused anymore about that course you're creating.
Templates that will save your booty while you're creating a course, the Crash Course Toolkit
Process template and checklists to help you plan out and execute your course creation.

Available as Trello boards (which can be exported into ClickUp) & Google Sheets (you get them all when you purchase).
Get my full course creation process, from inception to creation in a built-out, easy-to-follow process.
Steps are pre-built with checklists to help you know exactly what you should be doing at every step in the process.
You also get the Launch like a Boss template which will help you plan and execute that LAUNCH of your course...what?!?
Basically, I've put my process to creating and selling a course in
easy-to-use templates that you're STEALING at $27. 
oh, how sweet these are
Not only have these templates helped me build, launch and sell 20+ courses and generation hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business but they've been the template used in client and student launches from $1,000 - $50,000!
Let's talk about results
Last year, I used these EXACT templates to help my client, Lindsay, create and sell a course to a VERY specific niche. When we started together she had an email list of ZERO and after executing these checklists and processes, she built her email list and launched her course with an amazing $50,000 launch OUT OF THE GATE!
Another client, Amanda, followed this outline to a TEE and completely created and launched a course in 3 months while building her email list and her business at the same time!
These ladies and so many more TRANSFORMED their businesses
by turning their service into a course with these exact templates.
Crash Course Toolkit
Get started building your course today with
checklists and processes to make sure you're doing it right!
Total Value = ($397)
Today's price = $27
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