You've decided to start a
YouTube what?

Don't do what I did...

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    I just started uploading videos to YouTube without a plan or any clue of what worked.
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    The overwhelm from #alltheadvice was real so I just didn't listen to any of it.
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    I didn't treat YouTube in the right way to really reap it's benefits.

But that all changed when I started diving into the strategy behind YouTube, as both a business model and a business asset. 

Don't waste time, get started right!

After nearly a year of just winging it, I really buckled down and fixed so many things
that were wrong on my YouTube channel and, as a result, in just a few short months,
my email list, social followings and, obviously, YouTube subscribers have grown exponentially.

There's equipment and system a plenty, settings and big words galore...things to do? I've got 20.

Let me help show you how to setup your channel on the right foot based on YOUR goals with video and the platform. 


Get the YouTube Starter Toolkit

This toolkit helps you:

  • Get your YouTube channel up and running (or even go back and fix lots of settings in an existing channel).
  • Develop a system for every video you film, edit, upload & optimize.
  • Pick out the right equipment and systems.
    • and more.

No, really...all of this is included:

Equipment + Systems Checklist

Video runthroughs for:

  • Getting your channel setup the RIGHT way.
  • Uploading
  • Optimizing

Channel setup Checklist

Checklists for:

  • Uploading
  • Optimizing
  • Getting Started
  • Filming
  • Editing

OMG...I'm so glad you want in!


Peace of mind knowing
you've done it RIGHT.


Systems that help you keep your processes as simple as possible so you don't spend HOURS on videos each week.


Step-by-step instructions every step of the way in setting up your YouTube channel for success.

You get all of this when you sign up for the YouTube Starter Toolkit

Get your hands on i​t now

  • Instructions on how to use the toolkit.
  • Video runthrough of getting your channel setup the right way.
  • 4 checklists to help you have a consistent product every time you create a video.
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Uploading + Instructional VIDEO
  • Optimizing + Instructional VIDEO
  • Equipment + Systems Checklist
  • Channel setup checklist

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Listen, I get it, sending money to a stranger for something online that you HOPE is amazing is a little scary. So, I'm offering a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy with the product and are not able to use it to start a YouTube channel (with screenshot proof that you tried and it just didn't work), you can have your money back within 30 days.

Who this ​toolkit  is for:

This toolkit is perfect for the entrepreneur or small business owner who hasn't quite dipped their toes into the YouTube waters and is worried they won't know what to do to get it all started. It's for the person who might have haphazardly started a channel but really didn't know what they were doing and now ​​​​wants to go back and get it all right. It's for YOU if you're ready to get your business on YouTube and know exactly what you're doing!

Ya know who it's not for?
It's not for the seasoned pro at YouTube or the person looking for step-by-step walkthroughs of more advanced pieces of video (editing, working the camera, etc). This toolkit is a system and process to help you rank better on YouTube and get started, the editing and technical help will come later. 

Ok, I get're a little worried.

You're worried that you won't be able to figure out the tech parts that this toolkit doesn't provide or that you're too self-conscious on camera. POPPYCOCK! First, I want to let you in on a little secret: If you purchase this toolkit, you're going to be one of the first to be able to join something really special I'm cooking up that will have all the tech pieces in place AND even help you get over that camera fear. PLUS, you can film with your phone and a window...there's really no tech needed - don't let that scare you! 

This guide was developed with YOU in mind; to help you get on YouTube the right way and have a system in place so that filming, editing, uploading, etc don't feel near as daunting and it gets easier and easier every time you do it.

Are you ready to be one step closer
to having your YouTube channel setup
and systems in place to

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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