Well, hello there.

I'm Jessica Stansberry but you probably know that since you're on jessicastansberry.com...I mean, it would be weird if my name was something else, wouldn't it?

Let's play a fun game of "Let me guess who you are!".

  • You're a creative entrepreneur who wants to figure out #allthethings with marketing for your business but you just don't have time.
  • You get stuck with all of the strategies out there because they just don't apply to you and your business type.
  • You'd rather spend time working on your craft and honing in your skills than trying to figure all of this stuff out.
  • You are creative at heart and you want to grow a business doing what you really love.



"With YouTube and blog posts a plenty.

Workshops and courses galore.

You need 1:1? I've got 20.

But you there, 

You want more."

If you didn't just sing that to the tune of the Little Mermaid song, 
ya need to go back and try again...just saying.

Nonetheless, my point here is: I am here to help you.

After 5 years as a creativepreneur in fields like stationery design, scrapbook design and graphic + web design, my passion and business morphed into what it is today. What is that? Well, I'm your go-to girl for marketing and systems and making your business run better.

I specialize in systems, sales funnels, content marketing and Facebook ads (which, btw, all work together) and I teach as much as I possibly can on my blog and YouTube channel, sell online courses, and run group programs and 1:1 services.

And it's all for you.

It's all to help you, the creativepreneur, just like I was a few years ago, figure it all out because I only wish I could turn back time (Cher, anyone?) and know everything I know now back in those beginning stages of my business.

How can I help you?

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