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Get a copy of all of my Trello boards so you can organize the ish outta your biz.

How to find collaborators

“want to organize your business in a fun and fancy way? grab my trello boards to help!” GET IT NOW! Stop 🔴 collaborate and listen, Jessica’s back for…my top 3 ways to find people to collaborate with in your business. Whether you’re a YouTuber, a blogger or even someone who’s killing it on Instagram –…

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Blog Ideas for Business Owners

Have you ever heard me talk about baby booties before? Well, you’re about to. How to figure out what you should be blogging about! Struggling to figure out what to blog about and when to do it? Grab my free content planning workbook now! get it now!    You remember how I’ve been talking about…

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Sales Funnels for Product-Based Businesses

Are you a product based business who’s constantly struggling to take what’s being thrown out in the marketing world and apply it to your business? Well, today’s post is How to Use Sales Funnels for Product-Based Businesses don’t know where to start with your sales funnel? grab my free blank sales funnel map! GET…

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Marketing Lessons from Infomercials

“Look Momma, that man taped that boat back together, that’s some really strong tape. We NEED that tape!!!” If you’re the seller of “that tape”, you know you’ve done your job right in marketing that ish when 7-year-olds are saying this to their mommas. BTW, this is a true statement, out of the mouth of…

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How to Sync Trello Tasks to Google Calendar

Do you have your super-smart-super-simple-ready-to-be-amazed pants on today? Well, good, ‘cause I’m about to blow.your.mind. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hm, I would really like to be able to see all of my Trello tasks on my Google Calendar”? Well…that’s what I’m teaching you today: How to Sync Trello Tasks to Google Calendar. want…

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Butler for Trello

Note: This post was originally a guest post I did for Think Creative Collective, so, if you were sitting there like, “I think I’ve seen this before”, that’s probably why. Are you ready to fall even MORE in love with Trello?! Yes? Well ok then, buckle up buttercup. Want a copy of all of my…

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How to Add Text to iMovie

Listen, I get it. Those title things built into iMovie are FUGLY. #amiright? Well guess what buttercup? You can DEFINITELY add your own text, with your own branding, with your own fonts and colors to an iMovie movie. So, buckle in ‘cause this one is fun. Ready to get started on YouTube? Grab my FREE…

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How to Build a Sales Funnel in ConvertKit

My goodness guys, you’re probably hecka tired of hearing about my love affair with ConvertKit but, it’s real, it’s true and it’s amazing. If you’ve been hanging ‘round these parts for any amount of time at all, you know that I LOVE sales funnels just about as much (probably more…shhh, don’t tell) as I love…

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How to Use YouTube in Your Sales Funnels

GUYS! I’ve been talkin’ ‘bout Sales Funnels A LOT…like, a lot a lot. Right? Well, ya know what else I talk about a lot? YOUTUBE! And today, I’m combining my two favorite topics and talking about how to use YouTube IN your sales funnels! [queue all the dancing emojis] Ready to get started on YouTube?…

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What goes into a Sales Funnel?

“Ok, Jessica, yeah yeah yeah…I get WHAT a sales funnel is but I don’t know what goes INTO a sales funnel; ya know, what does the content look like?” Was that you after my last post? Well, dear, you’re in luck because this is exactly what we’re covering today! What goes into a Sales Funnel?…

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What is a Sales Funnel?

I have a feeling if you’ve been googling the term “passive income”, you might have already heard about Sales Funnels, but, some of you may have NO CLUE what that means, so I thought I’d clarify. Don’t know where to start with your sales funnel? Grab my free blank sales funnel map! get it now! …

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Trello or Asana?

Which project management system is best for your biz?

Find out now!​