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How to Automate Your Business

When we first get started in business it feels very elusive to automate your business, it’s like the abominable snowman or bigfoot, we feel like it doesn’t actually exist – BUT – as we grow (in income and smarts) we realize that it IS possible. I am the world’s worst (or best, depending on how…

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Video Ideas for YouTube

It can be quite the task to have to come up with new, interesting and engaging content for YouTube on the regular, so, here’s a list of video ideas for YouTube that will help you fill your content calendar in a jiffy. I’ve talked before about what you should blog about and then I’ve even said,…

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5 of the Best iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

</div Listen, I’m calling this “favorite iPhone apps” but every app I mention in this post is also available on Android, so, don’t freak out just yet. As entrepreneurs, we have to have a mobile office – I mean, it’s probably a lot of the reason you even went into entrepreneurship, right? To do business…

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How to get more subscribers on YouTube

ready to get started on youtube? GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW! Do you wonder how to get more subscribers on YouTube? Well, you’ve probably heard the generic, standard ways that so many people talk about but Tim Schmoyer is sharing an out-of-the-box way to get more subscribers by integrating a value proposition into your channel…

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10 Ways to Make Money Online

Are you trying to figure out how YOU can make money online like so many others you’ve been eyeing? Well, here’s my 10 Ways YOU can make money online. These ways include things like ebooks, online surveys, selling your skills, etc. Even if you’re already in an online business, it might give you an idea…

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6 Trello Hacks | Trello Tutorial

Y’all KNOW I’m a HUGE fan of Trello, right? Well, today, I’m sharing 6 awesome Trello hacks with you in this Trello tutorial. The first 5 hacks are keyboard shortcuts and then there’s a bonus 6th hack that you won’t want to miss. Stop wasting time and make Trello EVEN MORE efficient. Check out more…

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10 YouTube SEO Tips

ready to get started on youtube? GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW! Today I’m coming at ya with 10 YouTube SEO Tips…well, technically *I* am only bringing you FIVE tips but then I’m passing the torch and my friend Gillian is gonna deliver the other 5. Tired of hearing about tags and titles and all of…

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How to Make a YouTube Video | Steal Jeremy’s Show Formula

Ready to get started on YouTube? Get my FREE guide now! Have you ever wondered how to make a YouTube video in a way that’s systemized so that you’re not starting from scratch every.single.time? Well, my friend Jeremy is back on today’s Two Minute Tip Tuesday with something he calls a “show formula” to help…

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How to Introduce Yourself as a Business Owner

ready to get started on youtube? GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW! Do you struggle with figuring out how to introduce yourself as a business owner? Like, “oh, hi, I’m cool…you should buy from me”, or maybe your intro feels very…cold, stiff or even too specific and nobody knows what you’re talking about? I’ve got you…

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How to Make a Stop Motion Animation Video

ready to get started on youtube? GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW! Have you ever wondered how to make stop motion videos for your brand? Well, I am going to show you how I did this with some modifications AND in under 30 minutes. Plus, you get a fun “how to edit” tutorial for iMovie AND…

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