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How to Sell on a Webinar

Everybody talks about webinars, how you should be doing them, and how this one webinar netted someone a million, bajillion dollars. BUT, if you don’t know how to sell on a webinar, then it probably won’t do you any good to host one. So today, I’m going to show you how to use your personality…

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How to Get More Views on Your Live Videos

We are talking today about how to get more views on your live videos, so you aren’t going live…to crickets. Here we go! How to Get More Views on Your Live Videos   I’ve got your video version of this info right here!   Ready to learn how to get more views on your live…

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How to Sell More | The Know, Like & Trust Factor

Have you ever heard of the know, like and trust factor? This is the basis of marketing, essentially. I want to show you how to use it to make more sales! How to Sell More: The Know, Like and Trust Factor   I’ve got your video version of this info right here!   Ready to…

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YouTube Channel Tips | How to Create a Branded YouTube Channel

I’ve had several people tell me that when they see my content when it comes across their feed in  Facebook or YouTube, they immediately know it’s mine. THAT, my dears, is the goal. The goal is brand recognition. You need to be branded to stand out from all the rest. Today I’m telling you all…

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How to Tag YouTube Videos to Rank Higher

So I have this method for tagging videos, and it’s called “the tag tree”. Technically, it’s kind of like an upside-down tree, because it goes from big to little. But I want to explain to you how to tag your videos to get more views and rank higher on Youtube. Ready to find out how…

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Editing in YouTube

Editing videos can seem like a beast that intimidates so many people, especially if you think about doing it for hours and hours or having to learn a new platform to do it. BUT…it can actually be super easy! Let me show you how. How to Edit in Youtube   Want to watch a video…

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How to Be an Infopreneur

No matter what Google thinks, Infopreneur is a real word that real people use. If you watch my YouTube channel, you see one every day! Are you curious at what an infopreneur does or how one makes money? Let me show you how. What is an Infopreneur? Watch a video post of this infopreneurial information:…

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How to Extract Audio from Video

It can be so disheartening. Spending hours creating content, batch shooting a bunch of videos, uploading them to Youtube…then feeling like you just have to start all over again. That’s why I am a big proponent of stretching your content as far as you can, using it on different platforms in various ways, and integrating…

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Why and How to Transcribe Videos

Has anyone ever told you that you should transcribe your videos, and that they should totally have captions? Well, they are right. However, most people though make it sound harder than it actually is. Let me break the how and why of video transcription down for you today!  Why and How to Transcribe Video  …

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How to Sync Audio

It’s no secret…things can tend to get a little crazy on the audio end of things when you make a video. Sometimes, it calls for using an external recording device, which means your audio is completely separate from your video! Now how do you go back and edit that so that it all doesn’t come…

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Content Planning 101

You’ve heard me say it about 112 times…how much I love and believe in content marketing. But, you may be wondering, just what exactly is that? Well, because I want you to #knowallvideomarketingthings so you can #makeallthemonies, I’m teaching you all you need to know about content marketing for your business (and go out and…

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